Monday, May 31, 2010

Home Sweet Internet or Feels Like Sunday

My internet access did not go as planned this weekend. I visited my mom, with my laptop and router. Last visit, I hooked up the router and, voila, wireless internet. No problems. This time – much different story. I gave up and disconnected the router so my mom's PC could surf the internet.

spiral swirl cap

In the meantime, some crafty things happened. Friday night, I finished a hat. This is my still unpublished spiral swirl cap pattern made in medium purple Red Heart Super Saver. Then I started knitting a Vanilla Twist hat, a free pattern from Knitcircus.

Saturday, with multiple Hobby Lobby coupons printed from their website, I coerced my mom into helping with some yarn acquisition. I took our purchases to the car and went back for a second trip through the checkout lines. I netted 4 skeins of Red Heart Super Saver at 40% off. Much more efficient than 1 skein/coupon per trip.

It's not hard to get my mom to help spend Hobby Lobby coupons. She usually finds something she wants to buy. This time it was lawn ornaments that were on clearance, so we used all the coupons on yarn.

After dinner at Outback Steakhouse (I had a coupon), we made a quick stop at Michaels. I got another skein of Red Heart Super Saver, with another 40% off coupon. I found a color that Hobby Lobby didn't have that coordinated with the yarn I got at HL.

fleece blankets with crochet edging

Saturday evening, I started crocheting an edging on some purple fleece with monkeys. Sunday, I told my mom I'd let her drive to my sister's so I could crochet. It was an hour drive each way, during which I finished the edging on the monkeys and started on the soccer print.

This morning, I finished edging the soccer print and knitted a few rounds on the gusset of my current sock project. I headed home to my world and my internet.

It feels like Sunday. The news came on at 10:00 pm and I expected it to be a hour long like Sunday night. My inner clock will probably be off a day all week. Don't you love 3-day weekends?


  1. I found this on Pinterest. I don't crochet, but my neighbor does, and would love to have 2 fleece throws edged like this. BUT, I don't see anywhere on your site that tells how you attach. Did you use a hole puncher, then crocheted? If not, what did you make holes with?

    1. The Quick Cuddly Blanket post includes all the resources I used to learn to add the edging. "Quick Cuddly Blanket" has been in the Popular Posts list in the sidebar for months.

      I have no control over Pinterest and most people pin the May, 2010 archive page instead of the "Quick Cuddly Blanket" post.

  2. was reading about you crocheting around your blocks. I looked and looked and cannot find anything about their size or if you sewed or crocheted them together or did you use batting or how did they get to the point on your picture. it was from a posting on 5/31/2010 at 10:58pm. just need more info please