Thursday, May 27, 2010

Learning EQ7 - Intro

Find a list of all the articles in this series on the Learning EQ7 Series page. The sidebar also has a link to the series page.

If you've read this blog this month, you know that I won a copy of Electric Quilt 7 in the EQ Blog contest. I've had EQ6 for a couple of years, but never spent time to learn how to use most of the features.

I will not let this wonderful gift from Electric Quilt sit on my computer barely used like EQ6. I will learn how to use the software. Not every single feature, but a significant portion.

I will report here on my journey in learning EQ7. Don't expect a specific schedule, but I'll try for something every week. This is a major time commitment, but it is something I want to do for myself and for you, my blog readers.

I have started viewing the EQ7 videos and will continue on to the lessons. I will watch all 10 of the videos. I will do many of the lessons, but will likely skip a couple of things. EQ7 does so much, I doubt anyone will use all of the features.

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