Friday, August 05, 2011

Where Do You Get Your Yarn?

At our knitting/stitching group meeting at the library yesterday, new member Susie asked, "Where do you get your yarn?"

"In Albuquerque," I replied.

"From Audrey," Sandy said.

Not quite the answer that Susie was looking for.

Audrey is known for shipping hundreds of hand knit hats each year to be distributed to Native American children. People frequently give her yarn to support the project and clear their closets. Audrey shares generously with the women that help knit hats, including Sandy.

Most of the yarn I've bought this year is sock yarn and worsted weight cotton purchased in Albuquerque 2 months ago. I've made 40 hats and counting for a homeless shelter, but only purchased a 1 pound skein of yarn to make hats.

pile of yarn

Last October, Bonnie arrived at the library with 3 kitchen trash bags of yarn. Her daughter-in-law found it at a garage sale and negotiated the price down to $15 by telling how Bonnie and her friends knitted for charity. Bonnie selected what she wanted and brought the rest to share with us. A bag full came home with me. I'm making hats with most of it.

Three months ago, I moaned about how fast the scrapghan I'm crocheting was using my scraps. Our next meeting, Audrey brought me 6 skeins of yarn. Skeins, not scraps. I'm knitting a few hats for Native American children to reduce the skeins to a scrap-like quantity for the afghan.

Two weeks ago, our library group divided some yarn that someone left for us with Gayle, our library staff person. I came home with 3 different skeins of variegated yarn. Great stuff for hats.

So where do you get your yarn?

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