Saturday, August 06, 2011

Yarn Bowl

A yarn bowl is not a sporting event, though it could tempt pets or small children to play. My (step)sister, Susie, recently gave me this yarn bowl for my 55th birthday. I love the fun purple dots and the purple interior.

yarn bowl

The bowl holds yarn balls and keeps them from rolling away. I love the curvy J-shaped slot that holds your yarn, yet lets you remove it from the bowl if needed. You can also thread yarn through the hole on the right of the slot.

Mom told me that Susie ordered this gem from Nancy's Notions. Nancy has a choice of 2 sizes of yarn bowls in 2 different colors. Put "yarn bowl" into your favorite search engine and you'll find other varies and sources.


  1. Some of these bowls are just beautiful pieces of art.
    Won't you agree?

  2. Many of the yarn bowls that I found online are indeed works of art. And useful too!