Monday, April 23, 2012

Design Wall Monday - Playing with Blocks

In the 4 weeks since I last reported anything here, my best friend, Wanda, was here, I finished watching those Wiseguy DVDs and I mailed my tax returns. Among other things.

While Wanda was here, I grabbed some blocks her mom gave me last spring and started playing with them on the design wall. Settling on the idea of the center blocks surrounded by a border of blocks set on point, I started grabbing fabric out of my stash of fabric I use for Project Linus quilts. Did I have anything to use for sashing and setting triangles or did we need to shop for fabric while we were out yarn shop hopping?

quilt blocks on design wall

We found 2 possibilities, a very dark green print and a lighter, brighter blue print. Wanda prefers the green, but I'm leaning toward the blue. The blue is livelier and this will be a Project Linus quilt. The blue adds more interest and I think will appeal more to a child.

That was 3 weeks ago and it's all still on my design wall. Wanda suggested making more blocks to make a rectangular quilt, which is an excellent idea. Her mom has more of the block fabric and it may be coming my way.

quilt blocks and patches

I have a few more blocks and patches here. I'll fix the block in the upper left and I have enough paisley patches to make 2 more of those blocks and 2 nine-patches.

pegboard storage rack

Before Wanda left, she snapped pictures of the design wall and my pegboard storage rack. Her hubby Roger made the storage rack during one of my visits to Albuquerque. I screwed things together and added my pegboard when I got it home.

Currently, I'm piecing a back for the top I made at our 3rd Sunday Project Linus meeting on the 15th. I want to layer my tops from our March and April meetings with batting and backing and get the quilts finished. I have the batting cut for the March top; I just need to iron everything and get it layered and start stitching. First, I'll stitch the back together for the April top, so I can iron both quilt tops and backs in one session.

I'll try to be a little more productive this week and write about some of the things I've been working on. Visit Patchwork Times to see what Judy L. and a bunch of other people have on their design wall today.

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  1. Very nice lay out and I lean towards the blue too. More fabric for more blocks, that's great! it will be a well loved quilt.