Thursday, April 26, 2012

Project Linus - Third Sunday Group - March

Going back in time just a little bit, our Third Sunday group met at JoAnns Fabrics in Independence, MO on Sunday, March 18, to work on Project Linus blankets. The quilt top project du jour was Squares Afloat, another Fast & Fun project with precut kits provided by our intrepid leader, Jodie.

Squares Afloat is a 39" by 48" quilt top featuring 6 rectangular blocks separated by sashing. I found it wise to refer to the instructions frequently to avoid mistakes in my cutting and stitching. Jodie and I produced the only 2 finished tops. At least, the only 2 that I got pictures of.

Squares Afloat quilt top - Jodie
fun fabrics

Jodie chose the kit with bright green and yellow fabrics. The photo to the right shows the fun fabrics with bugs and butterflies. Click on the picture for a larger view in another window/tab.

Squares Afloat quilt top - SusanB
pink, blue and Pooh fabrics

My kit had pink and blue prints with a blue background. To the right is a closer view of the fabrics. Look at the fun Pooh Bear print in the border. Again, click on the picture for a larger view.

Beth V. dropped off some finished quilts and we had quite a show and tell session looking through her bags of quilts. Beth frequently uses batik fabrics in her quilts and the rich colors are beautiful. This strippy quilt inspired me to take a couple of pictures.

strippy quilt in batiks

At first glance, it appears that wide and narrow strips are stitched together, subcut into strips and every other strip rotated 180 degrees before stitching back together. However, on closer examination, I can't detect any repeated fabric sequence in the larger patches. There were at least 2 quilts made like this. Perhaps, Beth used fat quarters and/or limited the number of strips in the strip sets, so she could mix things up.

strippy quilt in batiks - detail view

Here's a closer shot, so you can get a better look at how the pieces fit together.

That was our March meeting in a nutshell. Watch for a report on our April meeting when we finished more than 2 quilt tops.

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