Sunday, August 20, 2006

Hearts for Linus

heart quilt blocks

Our third Sunday Project Linus group met at JoAnns in Independence, Missouri this afternoon. I had precut pieces for some heart blocks and took more fabric/scraps to cut at JoAnns. There were 5 of us today and as usual I did something different and the other 4 worked on heart blocks. The block is an adaptation of the Hearts for Linus pattern from Quiltmaker magazine a few years ago. I enlarged it and eliminated the paper piecing.

These blocks can be used with crayon squares to make a quilt top or on their own. We plan to save them for the next influx of crayon squares. We have more pieces cut ready to sew and I moved some of the scraps and donated fabric out of my closet and work area and out of the house. Some of the fabric isn't quilt fabric and the twins know someone who can make good use of it. And it really feels good to either turn the fabric into quilt pieces or send it on to someone who can make good use of it.

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  1. Hi, SusanB--thanks for the comments over at my place re: our donation quilts display. I followed the comment back.

    Looks like you too are involved in making quilts for kids. I remember the heart blocks for Linus though we use a different variation of it. I've even done the duckies a few years back.

    I see you have fairly new to blogging--welcome to bloggerland, pleased to meet you and I'll be back to see what you are up to!