Monday, September 18, 2006

Crayon Quilt Finished - September 17

crayon picture quilt

I chose crayon pictures with a farm animal theme and paired them with heart blocks to make this quilt. I finished it yesterday before going to our 3rd Sunday Project Linus group. Saved the photos for today since the blog was well-fed yesterday with pictures from the PL group.

This crayon quilt is backed with fleece and has no batting. I quilted this about a week and half ago and finally went back to finish it yesterday. When I use a fleece back, I do the following:

  • layer the top and back with wrong sides together
  • do the quilting
  • trim the fleece an even distance from the edge of the top
  • turn the fleece to the front over the edge of the top and
  • top stitch the edge down.

On this quilt, I trimmed the fleece 1½" from the edge of the top and turned 1" to the front.

mitering a fleece corner

I stitch a miter in the corners. This picture shows the quilt folded to stitch the miter. (I've already trimmed the excess fleece off the corner.) Remember, I cut the fleece 1½" from the edge of the top and only turned 1" to the front, so my miter seam does not end at the corner of the quilt top. I positioned the ½" line on my ruler on the edge of the top to mark the end of the stitching line on the fold.

fleece bound quilt corner

Here's a finished corner. The miter is turned right side out, one inch of fleece is folded to the front and is topstitched near the cut edge. Fleece doesn't ravel, so there is no need to turn the cut edge under.

A fleece back is a quick way to finish a quilt, just make sure you support the fleece so it doesn't stretch out of shape before you get the layers stitched.

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