Thursday, September 14, 2006

Looking for Packing Tape

yarn skeins

I drove across town today to deliver a grant application to Wal-Mart. After delivering the application, I went in search of packing tape since I needed a new roll. My path happened to go by the clearance aisle where yarn was falling off the shelves . . . Feet, where are you going? There's no packing tape here.

I started looking for yarn for Project Linus and found 1 skein of Red Heart Super Saver for $1 and a skein of Red Heart Baby Soft for $2.

Some Red Heart Symphony caught my eye and I started thinking of Christmas gifts. Some Homespun joined the Symphony. I won't say what I will like make with these as some potential gift recipients read my blog. But I will reveal they were all $3 a skein.

Bernat Super Stripes yarn

The prize was this skein of Bernat Super Stripes. This colorful boucle yarn was marked down to $1. It should make a great hat or two for charity. Can't you picture a little girl in a pink and black hat? It scanned at $3.88, but the cashier quickly adjusted the price when I pointed out the clearance sticker. Yet another reason for not using the self-checkout.

I finally got the packing tape after my extended session digging through the clearance yarn.

Another Project Linus volunteer told me about Wal-Mart's community grant program. I shop at Wal-Mart infrequently, but the possibly of a donation for Project Linus motivated a trip. The grant application is simple, less than a page long, but you will need the organization's tax ID number. Ask for the community involvement coordinator. Now to see if we get a donation.

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