Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Spotlight: Care Wear

Care Wear is a nationwide network of volunteers that provide handmade baby items to hospitals. Founder Bonnie Hagerman started providing clothing for premature and low birthweight infants in Washington, D. C. area hospitals in 1991. High demand for preemie-sized items led to recruiting of more volunteers. Volunteers are urged to deliver completed items to hospitals in their community.

The Care Wear website has a list of participating hospitals and the types of items they need. Be sure to read the "join" page for important information about making and delivering items. Guidelines for contacting a non-participating hospital about donating items are given. Be sure to determine what the hospital needs before making a lot of items.

A variety of sewing, knitting and crochet patterns are available on the Care Wear website or you can use patterns from other sources. Crocheters may like the half-double crochet preemie cap on my Craft Patterns web page.

For other organizations that need your handcrafting skills, visit Handmade for Charity on my main website.

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