Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Blanket Bounty

stack of quilts

Quilts from Cornerstone, my second Saturday charity quilting group, met last Saturday and I came home with a car full of blankets for Project Linus. First, there are these 16 quilts and one afghan made by QfC members.

3 bags of fleece blankets

Additionally, there are these 3 bags of fleece blankets that Tracy brought from another group that had made them and never got them donated. Tracy told them she could get them donated and brought them to us for Project Linus. There are 10 blankets in each bag. 30 total. Yippee!

Today, I discovered that these are 2-layer fleece blankets. Our local Project Linus chapter wants single layer fleece blankets as two layers of fleece are too heavy / warm for hospitalized children.

fleece blanket

I've started untieing knots to separate the layers into 2 blankets. I have 2 finished single-layer blankets and have untied the second 2-layer blanket. I estimate about 43 hours more work to finish transforming the 30 two-layer blankets into 60 single-layer fleece blankets.

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