Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Finished Quilt

one-patch quilt

I spent the whole day at home today. I've been out and about more than normal lately, so a whole day at home was nice. I did some knitting, but I also got myself to the sewing machine and quilted this quilt that I basted last Sunday. Remember, click any picture for a larger version.

This quilt is made with one of the two tops that my best friend's mom made and sent me at Christmas time. For the back, I used some green and white striped sheeting that my mom gave me. The quilting is simple, diagonal lines. Some of the quilt patches are square and some are rectangular, which causes the quilting lines to curve and gives a whimsical quality to the finished quilt. The quilt will go to Project Linus.

My friend and her mom have supported my Project Linus efforts the last few years with fabric purchases. One year, the Christmas package included gift wrapped fabric with a tag that read "For Susan's kids". It was for Project Linus quilts; my only children have been the furry, canine variety. The last couple of years, my friend's mom has made a couple of quilt tops and sent them in the Christmas package along with fabric. It's always fun to get quilt tops and fabric for Project Linus.

Tomorrow, I'm taking yarn to our 90 year old Project Linus volunteer picking up about half a dozen afghans from her. I've talked about Dolores before in August and September of last year. Dolores turned 90 the last week of January and is still crocheting away. I also have knitting club and shopping on the schedule, so it will be a busy day.

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