Thursday, March 01, 2007

Knitting Club

half done knee sock from multi-color Sockotta yarn

Picture a bare foot on a library table modeling a half-finished knee sock. Not something I had planned on when I went to knitting club this afternoon, but . . . I was sitting next to Terri who was starting her very first sock, doing it in worsted weight yarn on double pointed needles. She was quite interested in the Magic Loop method I am using for the first time on this pair of socks.

I said something about it being easier to try on and check the fit when you are knitting on a cable instead of double pointed needles and wound up demonstrating to Terri, foot on the floor. Donna around the corner of the table noticed what was happening and leaned over for a look and everyone got interested. So, foot on table so everyone can see. The sock is now about 10 inches long and I have 2 paired decreases left. The white marker is at the center back of the sock.

half done waffle-weave cap in rust

I'm also knitting on this waffle-weave cap. I'm working in the round on 2 circulars, although I designed the cap on single pointed straight needles. I prefer to avoid seams, so I'm trying this. I don't think anyone at knitting club had seen circular knitting on 2 circulars before, so I'm sharing some of the knowledge I'm picking up on the socknitters list. I'm working on typing up the pattern to put on my website.

multicolor tote bag

I thought I'd share a picture of the tote that I'm carrying my knitting in. The fabric is a kit I bought at Fons & Porter's quilt shop in Winterset, Iowa and the pattern is "Designer Tote Bag" from the May/June 2004 issue of their Love of Quilting magazine.

My mother is the reason I made this tote bag. For my birthday in 2004, we went to Iowa because I wanted to see Fons and Porter's quilt shop. I was shopping for a baby quilt fabric and Mom was resting on the "husband's bench" when someone tried to buy one of the store models of the tote bag. Mom decided she wanted one and asked if would make it if she bought the kit. I told her I would buy the kit and make it as a gift. I decided to get a second kit and make one for myself first to learn the pattern. Mom's bag is black with magenta flowers (mostly black).

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