Monday, August 20, 2007

Project Linus - Third Sunday Group - August

Our Project Linus group had a busy afternoon at JoAnns yesterday afternoon and I have lots of pictures to share. Remember, you can click on any photo for a larger version.

Pink and blue quilt top

Lucille's friend Anita came and brought pink and blue leftovers that she stitched into this great quilt top.

easy colorful quilt top

New group member, Debby, arrived with some colorful fabric to make an easy quilt top. Debby hadn't used her sewing machine for 10 years, so Christy and I helped her thread it. I still haven't met a sewing machine I couldn't thread, but Debby's was a bit of a challenge.

fabric squares

Last month I brought a box of cut squares that I had for years and wanted out of my house. One of our Project Linus volunteers had cut up donated fabric that had varying amounts of appeal. I.e., a lot of it was really boring or ugly. Louise added some more cut squares she wanted to use up.

squares arranged into quilt design

Lucille spent a couple of hours arranging squares to be sewn into tops. This was our favorite arrangement of the afternoon. Louise sewed squares into quilt tops.

new blocks from striped fabric

Christy was her typical creative self. She cut striped squares into quarter square triangles and stitched them back together to create new squares like these two. You cut 2 matching striped squares to create 2 different squares.

squares arranged into quilt top

Christy is setting the pieced squares together with solid squares. I couldn't get a really good view of the layout, but this shows most of the squares.

tilted blocks quilt

Jodie and I spent the afternoon finishing quilts. I machine quilted and Jodie tied. This one quilt, we both worked on. I ditch quilted around the borders and sashing, but couldn't figure out a quick way to quilt within the blocks. So Jodie tied the center of the blocks to finish it.

finished blankets

We got a lot done yesterday with only 7 people. This picture shows how much we accomplished. The afghans on the left were dropped off by one of our volunteers. I think there are at least 5 afghans. A quilt Jodie brought in is in the right stack. The bag on the bottom of the right stack contains the 3 blankets I brought in: the pink and blue afghan and the 2 crayon quilts.

The rest of the right stack is blankets that Jodie and I finished yesterday afternoon. A couple of tops made by the rest of the group are hiding in there also. Louise and Lucille had all those blankets pillowcased and topstitched, so quilting or tying the layers together was all we needed to do to finish them yesterday.


  1. I was wondering if anyone knew of a group that could use a large amount of fabric of varying fiber content and design. My mother recently passed away and know that there are yards and yards of brand new fabric that we are going to need to get rid of. It will be on ongoing process for several weeks I am sure. Also, she did alot of other crafts so if you know of a charity that could use crafting items please also let me know

  2. Pam, There are many charities that make handmade items and would love to have supplies for volunteers to use. Check out the Handmade for Charity link in the left navigation bar for some ideas. Some groups will have concerns about what the supplies have been exposed to; e.g., pet hair, cigarette smoke, spiders, mold, mildew.

    Please use the email link near the top of the left navigation bar to contact me privately if you want more info.