Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Tidal Wave Socks Finished!

Tidal Wave socks

My Tidal Wave socks are finished! I love the feel of the TOFUtsies yarn. My gauge was about 8 2/3 stitches per inch with 2.25 mm needles, a little tighter than the pattern suggested. The tighter gauge gave me a sock that fit my size 6½ foot without modifying the pattern. The "Tidal Wave" pattern is from the South West Trading Company free patterns page.

Previous posts on these socks: One Done, TOFUtsies Socks.


  1. Nice! I made a pair too. I really enjoyed the tofutsie yarn. I've washed and worn them a few times and they still look great.

  2. Susan, Your socks look Great! I do love seeing the pattern knit up. Great work and they look good on too!

  3. Your knitting is just beautiful! The cast-on, or is it cast-off, is perfect, I must keep on practising and hope to get as neat as you.


  4. Rachel, Thanks for the complement. I use a long-tail cast on. I hold the stitch being formed with my right forefinger as I snug up the lower loop. I try to keep the distance between the stitches approximately equal to the height as I cast on. If you tighten the bottom loop too much, your cuff doesn't stretch so you can get the sock on.