Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Have you noticed that more gets done when you work with someone else? In our Project Linus group, we have people who mostly make tops, some that tie quilts, and some that do a little of everything. We learn from and inspire each other. And we get more done than we would if everyone worked on their own.

quilt with 16-patch blocks

My best friend's mom, Mrs. L, made 2 quilt tops and sent them to me last Christmas. I finished the one shown above a couple of days ago with a nice flannel back. I finished the other quilt top last March. Mrs. L probably wouldn't finish a Project Linus quilt on her own, but I love that she makes these tops and sends them to me to finish.

machine knit afghans with crochet edging

These machine knit afghans are also the result of teamwork. I adopted most of the yarn at our big Project Linus Make a Blanket Day last February. With my friend Wanda's help, I knitted the blankets on one of her knitting machines at the end of May. Two months later, I've finally crocheted an edging around all 3 blankets. So three people contributed to these blankets: the person who contributed the yarn, Wanda and me. Without Wanda's help, the yarn would still be waiting to be made into something.

afghan from knit squares

This afghan is made from some knitted squares that were passed to me in April. My friend Diane crocheted these squares together to finish the afghan. I have no idea who made the squares. I do know that Diane and I are at least the 2nd and 3rd people to work on turning them into afghans. I finished 2 pastel afghans and have dusty rose, light blue and navy squares that will make 2 more afghans.

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