Friday, August 03, 2007

Lone Star Quilt - Part 1

I've started slicing fabric and stitching 2½ months after buying fabric for my niece's wedding gift quilt. The wedding is 2 months away and this is a large quilt (110 inches square), so I'm again procrastinating to the point of creating a time crunch.

fabric swatch arrangement

Part of my procrastination was because I hadn't decided the exact ordering of fabrics in the star points. Tuesday, I cut a strip of each of the fabrics in the star and cut some small rectangles to experiment with. Finally, I had the arrangement on the left. No, it's not a complete 6 by 6 diamond. I just hate wasting fabric and didn't want to cut more rectangles.

schematic diagram for Lone Star point

I left my pieces laying overnight, waiting to see what the fabric would tell me. Wednesday morning, I still liked the arrangement, so I labeled my schematic for a permanent reference to use to make the points of the Lone Star. I counted diamonds on the schematic to determine how many strips of each fabric I needed and started cutting.

I stitched and stitched; used an entire bobbin full of thread and had to refill the bobbin. Finally, I had my 6 strip sets cut and pressed. I folded them in half and stacked them to get a rough preview of one star point. I like it!

finished strip sets

The strip sets will escape the rotary cutter until next week. I'll be out of town for a family birthday celebration this weekend. But next week, those lovely strip sets are going to get sliced on a 45 degree angle and stitched into star points. -- Remember click any picture for a larger version.

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