Friday, September 14, 2007

Almost Instant Gratification

2 crocheted hats

Ahh! The joy of a quick to finish project. It was nice to take a break from more time-consuming thinks and make something really quick and simple. With these 2, I've made 13 hats this year for our AT&T TeleComm Pioneers to give to City Union Mission this winter. That is a woefully small number. I need to work the crochet hook more.

I've only had leftover bits of bulky weight yarn in my stash for months, so the other hats were made in worsted weight yarn. My fastest pattern for worsted weight yarn takes me about 4 hours. I stopped at the Hobby Lobby near my mom's house the day after Labor Day and pounced on the 2 skeins of Lion Brand Jiffy yarn they had on clearance. $1.26 + tax + 2 hours = 1 hat.

These 2 hats were made with a size K crochet hook in less than 4 hours; less than 2 hours each. One hat uses most of a skein of Jiffy yarn. I start with a ring of 4 chains and make 12 double crochet into that. The second round is 24 dc; 3rd round is 36 dc; 4th round - 42 dc; 5th through 14th rounds are 48 dc each. Weave in ends and that is it.

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