Saturday, September 15, 2007

Lone Star Quilt - Part 5

center of Lone Star quilt

The Lone Star is in one piece; all 8 points sewn together with the background squares and rectangles sewn in place. The first of the 5 borders is attached. The top is just over 60 inches square at this point. The final size will be about 110 inches square.

The biggest challenge in turning the 8 individual star points into this was to cut the background pieces. I had to cut one 25¼ inch square and four 17½ inch squares.

cutting a large fabric square

I used a tip from Fons and Porter's TV show and cut a piece of freezer paper using my 12½ inch square ruler. I ironed that to the fabric, then used my long rulers to measure to the width I needed and cut the fabric. I also used the markings on the cutting mat to double check my measurements.

Caution: Make sure you don't shave off the edge of the freezer paper when you cut or your squares won't be square. Ask how I know. Fortunately, I both overestimated the amount of fabric needed and bought 1/8 yard more than I thought I needed, so I was able to recover from my mistakes.

4 large quarter square triangles

To cut the 25¼ inch square into triangles, I used my 2 long rulers. I placed them side by side, but staggered with about 11 inches of the edges touching so the line extending from the touching edges reached corner to corner. I was careful to only move one ruler when cutting and put it back before moving the other ruler to complete the cut. Result: 4 beautiful triangles that are 17 7/8 by 12¼ inches.

dust mop

Let me introduce you to 2 of my favorite tools for measuring quilts for borders: my hardwood floor and my dust mop. When I work on a large quilt, I really love my hardwood floors. They're nice, solid and flat for stretching out the quilt top to measure. Before I spread the quilt top on the floor, my friend the dust mop gets used. The dust mop is 2 feet wide, designed for businesses. I saw one on a TV show when I bought this house and knew it was just the thing for the large amount of hardwood floors.

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  1. Oh, Susan, I have got to save the link to your post!! I have a Lone Star center in my UFO piles that I have been afraid to try to cut the setting triangles and squares for years now. Mostly I am afraid I will find out that the center has doing the dreaded "coolie hat" syndrome. These pictures will definitely help along with the Fons and Porter trick.