Thursday, September 20, 2007

Project Linus - Third Sunday Group - September

Our Project Linus group met at JoAnns last Sunday afternoon and I have quilt pictures. Remember you can click on any photo for a larger version. Debby and Anita were both back, so it seems our little group of 5 has grown to a small group of 7.

super-sized 9 patch quilt

Louise had cut a bunch of fabric to make super-sized 9 patch quilts. About half the group spent the afternoon stitching these tops. Many of the tops were also layered with batting and backing material and are ready to be finished by quilting or tying.

log cabin quilt

There were several quilt kits from 4 years ago that a volunteer had returned. Jodie tired of the super-sized 9 patch quilts and worked on this quilt top. The design is called "Round & Round" and is based on a log cabin block. Jodie added the last 2 borders while I was packing.

pointless star quilt blocks

Another of the returned quilt kits was pointless stars. Christy spent the afternoon working on the blocks and these are a sample of the results. The blocks will be set together with black sashing strips.

sampler quilt

Jodie made this sampler quilt to help celebrate the 10th anniversary of our Project Linus chapter. She brought it in to donate on Sunday. The bright colors are typical of Jodie's quilts.

9 patch / hourglass quilt

Last week I finished this quilt from a top I finished piecing in May. I donated it on Sunday.

Beth V. dropped by to donate the 3 quilts below. We insisted on show and tell before she left.

3 quilts

Everyone in our current group brings their sewing machines and likes to piece tops. A couple of years ago, we had a couple that came and tied quilts. They finished a lot of quilts. Last Sunday, we all pieced tops, so no blankets were finished.

In a weak moment as we were packing to leave, I decided to bring home a quilts that was ready to finish. I carefully chose something that would be easy to machine quilt. I wound up bringing home not 1, but 2 quilts to finish. I should be able to quilt both of them in about 4 hours. At least I avoided the one like the dancing squares quilt last month that I couldn't figure out how to quilt the blocks.

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