Monday, May 19, 2008

Project Linus - Third Sunday Group - May

colorful quilt colorful quilt block detail

Our third Sunday Project Linus group met at JoAnn's yesterday. Jodie arrived with this colorful quilt top. She layered it with batting and an orange flannel back and got it ready to quilt or tie. I brought it home to quilt.

bars quilt

We stitched some more bar quilt tops.

one patch quilt

Lucille stitched some tone-on-tone blue squares together with a cute print to make this one patch quilt.

one-seam flying geese blocks

Susan (that's me) disrupted the group productivity. Linda_J posted a link to a video showing how to make a flying geese block with one seam last Thursday. I took squares and rectangles for 40 geese and did a demonstration for the group.

Then I offered to demonstrate a bow tie block, with no set in seams, made from squares. Louise cut some 3 ½ inch squares and the fun began.

bow tie quilt blocks

Several tried their hand at both the flying geese and bow tie blocks. Louise really got into making the bow tie blocks and cut lots more squares and bought more of the light print fabric we were using.

bow tie quilt top

Christy cut some of the bars quilt fabric into 4 ½ inch squares and finished the center of a bow tie quilt top. She took it home to add a black border.

Whoops! Inside out goose

All this fun came with a price. Our productivity was lowered and some reverse sewing was done as new techniques were learned. For example, this goose is wrong side out. Whoops!

finished blankets

Debby spent the afternoon tying quilts. She tied 6 quilts all by herself. Combined with the finished quilt and 2 granny square afghans I brought in, we ended the day with 9 finished blankets and 7 complete quilt tops stitched. Plus a couple dozen 1-seam flying geese blocks and about 30 six-inch bow tie blocks.

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