Wednesday, February 25, 2009

National Make a Blanket Day

3D bow-tie blocks

28 Project Linus blanketeers gathered at Cornerstone Church in Lee’s Summit, MO for National Make a Blanket Day on Saturday, February 21. Planning started weeks ago with preparations intensifying as the day approached.

Louise, Lucille, Bonnie and I set up tables on Friday. Louise’s Jeep Liberty and my Corolla were filled with supplies to unload and bags and bags of blankets to label. Bringing blankets to label was not part of the plan, but Louise’s hubby, Larry, picked up a big load of blankets from a drop off location Friday morning.

After getting things set up Friday afternoon, the 4 of us checked the blankets Larry had picked up to make sure they were ready to label, counted and stacked them behind the labeling table. Poor Bonnie wasn’t expecting these 85 blankets when she volunteered to label blankets all day.

stacks of blankets

Saturday, our featured project was a 3 dimensional bow-tie quilt. Louise brought quilts ready to tie. I brought about 2 dozen fleece blankets ready to tie and fleece for another dozen.

3D bow-tie block

The fleece that was ready to tie had been donated as 2-layer blankets which we don’t deliver in Kansas City as they are too warm and heavy for hospitalized children. The 2-layer blankets had been untied and prepared for tying as single layer blankets.

About 10:30, we set out bags, baskets and boxes of donated fabric and yarn and invited volunteers to take it all home to make blankets. Within minutes, it had all been claimed. We received sizable donations of both yarn and fabric shortly before National Make a Blanket Day; perfect timing for sharing with the volunteers.

Lunch was potluck with a variety of veggies, salads, crock pot dishes and desserts. The main complaint was that there was too much food!

We had 4 teen volunteers. One tied quilts, while the other three happily tied fringe on fleece. By the end of the day, over 2 dozen fleece blankets were finished. One of the teens took the unfinished fleece blankets home to finish tying. Best of all, I no longer have 2 or 3 bags of 2-layer fleece blankets occupying a corner of my bedroom!

3D bow-tie quilt top 3D bow-tie quilt top

Some statistics:

Blankets from Independence drop-off location (Fri.)85
Blankets brought in already finished (Sat.)41
Blankets finished on Saturday47
Total Blankets Labeled173

The Sigma Omicron chapter of the Beta Sigma Phi sorority held their own Blanket Day in Louisburg, KS last Saturday and made 37 blankets for Project Linus. These blankets will be taken to one of Greater Kansas City Area Project Linus drop off locations this week.

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