Saturday, March 21, 2009

Project Linus - Third Sunday Group - March

March 2009 became an exciting month for Project Linus in the greater Kansas City area. After a year off, former Greater Kansas City Area chapter coordinator PattyG is back as a chapter coordinator. The Greater Kansas City Area Chapter of Project Linus is no more. In its' place we have 2 Project Linus chapters, each covering 3 counties in the greater KC area (6 counties total are covered).

It's been a busy couple of weeks working out details, dividing the email list, etc. PattyG has started a website for her chapter at I will replace the Greater Kansas City chapter website at with a new design for my chapter, the Jackson/Clay/Platte Counties, MO chapter which includes Kansas City, MO. I want to keep most of the information on the old website, so it is taking a while to create the new website.

Our 3rd Sunday blanket group met at JoAnns in Independence last Sunday. Louise, Debby, Jodie, Ruth and I were there. Debby arrived with a beautiful Granny Ripple afghan to turn in.

Granny Ripple afghan

Jodie sorted and matched 9" fabric strips into kits for Bars quilts. Jodie and Louise both stitched squares into quilt tops. I brought my bow-tie blocks that I started on National Make a Blanket Day and finished making the 24 blocks. I still have to stitch blocks together and decide on a border.

Bow-tie blocks

Debbie and Ruth tied quilts. We had volunteers from a local group (I didn't catch the name) help for about an hour. With the extra hands, 9 quilts were tied. This is the stack I took home. Debby's Granny Ripple is on the bottom of the stack for a total of 10 blankets.

Finished Blankets

We recently received a donation of 5 twin-size quilt tops. Three of them are log cabin blocks set together with sashing strips and 3 borders. Those will be finished as twin size quilts, eventually.

One of the last 2 twin-size tops is a pinwheel design and the other is triangle squares. Both were set together block to block with a single, plain white border.

Louise and I spread both of these quilt tops out and decided that we wanted to remove the borders, split the blocks into 2 smaller tops and add more colorful borders. It was about 3:30 and Jodie volunteered to start ripping seams. By 4:00, we had 2 smaller triangle square tops ready for borders.

triangle-squares quilt top

Jodie agreed to take the pinwheel top home and apply the seam ripper to it. A big thanks to Jodie and her seam ripper. Louise and I were definitely not excited about ripping out all those seams.

Louise took the triangle squares home and called Monday to say she had found fabric in her stash that went great with it. There is plenty to border both of the smaller tops we made from the twin-size top.

I made an effort this month to not take any donated blankets that needed work to make them meet my current standards. 10 days ago, I had a big bag of fleece blankets that needed work. I was moaning about that, but didn't want to bring them to our 3rd Sunday group. I felt the group needed a break from that sort of blanket making. This wonderful woman named Louise offered to take them off my hands. She needed something to help keep the grandkids entertained while they were on spring break this past week. Thank you, Louise!

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