Saturday, May 15, 2010

And the EQ7 Winner Is:

Beth from San Diego, California. Her winning comment was:

Beth said...

I had a great time designing a Storm at Sea quilt on EQ5 - it was great to have the fabric and piece lists. Would love to be able to move up to EQ7!

I've exchanged email with Beth and have her address to send to The Electric Quilt Company, along with my address, so we both will get our Electric Quilt 7 software.

Thanks to The Electric Quilt Company for choosing me as one of the lucky winners in their blog contest so I could give away a copy of Electric Quilt 7.

Thank you to all who commented and left reasons why you'd like to win EQ7. There were entries from the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Australia and Taiwan. And that's just what I could tell from the comments and email messages.

Those who entered included many who own a version of EQ and some who don't. Some are interested in the new features, some wanted to win for a friend or family member. You use or want to use Electric Quilt for a variety of reasons. To make designing easier. To design quilts for friends, family and charity and in a couple of cases (semi-)professionally.

For those who didn't win, remember that you can still pre-order EQ7 on the Electric Quilt website. There is a significant discount on orders placed before May 31, 2010.

The contest increased my blog readership significantly in the last week and a half. I hope some of you are interested in what I'm sharing here and keep coming back to visit.


  1. CONGRATULATIONS, Beth!! Have fun with your *prize* =)
    Happy Quilting,

  2. Congratulations to Beth!