Sunday, May 16, 2010

Yarn Comes Home


My friend, Sandy, gave me a little present at our 3rd Sunday Project Linus blanket group meeting this afternoon: some of the yarn I had "loaned" her to crochet edgings on fleece blankets. The pound of purple is unused. The cone of orange and the cone of green each started with about 2 pounds of yarn.

At one time, I had 2 of the purple Caron pound skeins and a cone of purple. A couple of weeks ago, I realized that I had yards of 2 different purple fleece prints and no purple yarn. I mentioned this at knitting club a week and a half ago, the same day Connie returned the unused portion of the the skein I'd "loaned" her. A small ball about 2 inches in diameter!

So Sandy brought some of the yarn I'd loaned her. She still has the cone of purple. I am glad to have the orange back. I have a piece of fleece with a 60s/70s style print in pinks and oranges and nothing matches the pink. I'm not fond of orange, so I'm glad to see that the cone shrunk a lot while Sandy had it.

I have lots of pictures of quilts and quilt tops from our Project Linus blanket group this afternoon. Look for some quilt pictures soon.

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