Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Project Linus - Third Sunday Group - May

Jodie assumed leadership of our 3rd Sunday Project Linus group last fall. She picks a different quilt design each month and makes kits from a combination of donated fabric and fabric she buys. Some of us arrived with blankets we finished since our last meeting.

Last month's quilt kit featured an asymmetrical block that Jodie dubbed the Wonky Block. Her block layout left some feeling a little wonky.

Wonky Block quilt

Debby modified the block layout in her Wonky Block quilt. The 2 blocks in the middle row are rotated half a turn (180 degrees) from Jodie's design.

Wonky Block quilt

Sandy reversed the 2 columns on this Wonky Block quilt so the blue fabrics meet in the center.

Not Wonky quilt

The lop-sidedness of the Wonky Blocks bothered Sandy, so she de-wonked this Wonky Block kit. Instead of adding the green strips on 2 sides of each block, she used them as sashing and added another border fabric so it's all nice and symmetrical.

patriotic Happy Block quilt top

Our March quilt design was the Happy Block (aka, H-Block). Sandy turned in this finished Happy Block quilt in patriotic fabrics.

Yellow Brick Road quilt top

A bag of fat quarters was donated to Project Linus. Sandy turned some of them into this Yellow Brick Road quilt top.

fleece blanket with crochet edging2 pieces of fleece joined with crochet

This fleece blanket, made by crocheting around pieces of fleece and then joining them like crochet squares, was made by Sandy.

Our May quilt project is called "Simple Strips." There are 3 variations. We all arranged our strips more or less symmetrically and had most of our strips sewn together. Then we realized the symmetry made 2 of the variations poor choices. So we all stitched the simplest version of "Simple Strips." Jodie had some really great fabric combinations in the kits, so simple is still stunning.

Simple Strips quilt top - Jodie

Jodie's Simple Strips quilt top. Jodie went for the racing fabrics with the bright orange.

Simple Strips quilt top - Sandy

Sandy chose a Simple Strips kit with little toy cars and trucks and lots of tone on tone fabrics.

Simple Strips quilt top - SusanB

I chose a kit with 2 coordinating floral fabrics and a bunch of tone on tone fabrics. The lime green adds some zing.

Simple Strips quilt top - Anita

Anita chose a kit with colorful octopuses (octopi?).

Vickie and Judy tied 6 quilts. With the finished blankets Sandy, Debby and I turned in, there were 16 new blankets from our group. Judy took the last quilt home to tie. Jodie will get some more tops ready to tie for our meeting next month.

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