Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Learning EQ7 - Part 1

Find a list of all the articles in this series on the Learning EQ7 Series page. The sidebar also has a link to the series page.

Video 1 - Learn Your Way Around EQ7

Duration: 4 minutes, 10 seconds

There are 3 worktables in EQ7.

  • quilt
  • block
  • images

Video 1 gives a thorough overview of how to switch between the 3 worktables and how to determine which worktable you are on. The images worktable is new in EQ7.

Video 2 - Where to Find Blocks, Fabrics and More

Duration: 2 minutes, 32 seconds

Like EQ6, EQ7 has 6 libraries of design items that you can use to create your quilt designs. The EQ7 libraries contain over 20,000 design elements.

Block Library
pieced and applique blocks and quilting designs.
Fabric Library
thousands of fabrics. You can scan your fabrics to create a custom library.
Layout Library
prebuilt quilt layouts for quilts of various sizes: king, twin, lap, crib, tablerunners and more. Or you can create your own custom layout.
Embroidery Library
images provided by companies that provide digitized embroidery images. The images allow you to see how the embroidery would look on your quilt, but you need to buy the embroidery designs from the company that created them.
Photo Library
photos you can use in your quilt
Thread Library
a variety of thread colors from major thread manufacturers. Use items from this library to color quilting stencils and embroidery designs in your quilt designs.

Video 2 was short and I spent time browsing through the libraries. There are lots of blocks and fabric. The fabric is sorted by category, color or manufacturer. You can choose which way you want to browse.

At this point, I started up EQ6 to see what fabrics it has. It looks very similar. Silly me. I never got beyond using the EQ6 Default Fabrics and there are so many more choices.

I had no idea the layout library existed in EQ6, but it's there. The EQ6 and 7 versions look very similar, but there are more layouts in the EQ7 layout library.

I briefly looked at the photo and thread libraries. I’m not sure I will use these. The EQ7 thread collections are very similar to the ones in EQ6. The images in the photo library seem very different from EQ6 and this is the smallest library.

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  1. Not certain whether I'll upgrade to 7 or not.
    I think I'll read about your experiences with it for a while.

    Hugs & ♥♥♥s,