Thursday, July 13, 2006

Ripple Afghan Finished

finished purple and gold afghan

Yesterday morning I finished the purple and (2-tone) gold afghan from a Ripple Dilemma. Depending on the light, the 2 shades of gold range from not obvious to very obvious. But it's done and some kid will love it. The finished size is about 34 by 45 inches. I used roughly a pound and half of yarn. The pattern is on my website.

Last night was my 2nd and 4th Monday of the month quilt group. We lost our meeting place and are temporarily meeting at a local quilt shop on Wednesdays. We're a small group. There were 5 of us last night, including the shop owner. For show and tell, I took the ripple afghan, the heart applique quilt, and the crayon quilt that was finished at craft night last Friday. Deborah brought a bed-sized flannel quilt that she had made. It looked very warm and cozy and was made from a variety of light to medium colored flannel prints.

We are a group of quilters, but we frequently bring non-quilting projects to work on while we talk. I knitted on the brown and white feather and fan afghan (see craft night for a picture). I got a few rows done at quilt group and a couple more after I got home last night and a couple more this morning. If I keep this up, I'll actually get the afghan finished!

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