Thursday, September 21, 2006

Website Updates - First Knit Pattern - Sept. 21, 2006

seed stitch handwarmers with a twist

I just uploaded my very first knitting pattern to the website. Seed Stitch Handwarmers with a Twist are just the thing to keep your hands warm on the cool winter evenings ahead. I designed this pattern late last year for my best friend's Christmas gift which I made in TLC Wiggles yarn. You can use any sport weight yarn. If you have Lion Brand Sportweight Woolease in your stash, it makes really soft handwarmers. Unfortunately, the sportweight Woolease is no longer manufactured.

I've rearranged the index to my Craft Patterns to separate the non-crochet patterns from the crochet patterns. I've added a quilt and a knitting pattern this month and plan to add more quilt patterns and maybe another knitting pattern. I also moved the links to off-site crochet instructions to the bottom after the pattern links.

I have 2 crochet and 2 quilt designs I've been meaning to write up for some time and the more recent Summer Bolero Shrug. A couple of people have expressed interest in the half-double crochet swirl cap pattern since I started crocheting hats a few weeks ago. The pattern is fairly short, but the placement of the front post double crochets, that create the swirls, is a bit tricky. A good friend took pictures 2 years ago to illustrate and I'm still procrastinating.

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