Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Third Sunday Project Linus Group

quilt top made with half square triangles

Our small, but dedicated third Sunday Project Linus group, met on Sunday and stitched together about 10 quilt tops. The quilt top shown above is one that Christy started last month from a kit of fabric squares. She brought it back looking like this.

quilt top with woven design

Christy made this quilt top between our September and October meetings. The rail fence variation produces a woven effect. Christy said that the square blocks are about 45 percent of the length of the rectangular strips in this quilt. The exact ratio isn't critical. You can vary the dimensions to please yourself. I may do this with fewer strips in the blocks.

quilt top with crayon colored pictures

Lucille stitched together two crayon tops with the crayon colored blocks alternated with string pieced blocks. The crayon blocks in this one are especially colorful.

super sized nine patch quilt top

This Super-Sized Nine Patch pattern is from the Quiltmaker Magazine website. Three coordinating one yard pieces of fabric make 3 quick quilt tops. For this top and its' two siblings, I used 1¼ yard cuts of fabric to create slightly larger tops. We'll be making more of these at our annual KC Project Linus Make a Difference Day event this coming Saturday.


  1. All three of these quilts are so cute!! The first one is really unusual setting. :)