Sunday, October 22, 2006

We Made a Difference

Kansas City Project Linus volunteers

Our Greater Kansas City Project Linus chapter held it's annual Make a Difference Day event yesterday. We made lots and lots of the Super-Sized Nine Patch pattern from the Quiltmaker Magazine website. Three coordinating one yard pieces of fabric make 3 quick quilt tops. Lots of fabric was cut and sewn. Many quilts were tied. Dozens of quilts were finished, labeled and bagged ready to deliver to the hospitals and other agencies to which we provide blankets.

I have barely been on the computer since Thursday. Friday, I went to a quilt show, a story I'll save for another time. After the quilt show, I still wanted to get some quilts ready to tie for Saturday. That was a very worthwhile effort. We had several volunteers yesterday that didn't sew and the twins and I were the only ones who brought anything ready to tie. The six blankets we brought didn't last long and some fleece appeared to keep the non-sewers busy until the sewers created more blankets ready to tie. Friday I was on the computer just long enough to check email and print something I needed for Saturday. After 6 hours of blanket making yesterday, I came home and parked on the sofa for the rest of the day. And this morning as well. I'm finally coming back to life.

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  1. What an awesome job you guys did! I think the sofa is the perfect place to settle down after the quilt-a-thon. :D