Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Finished Blanket!

Basketball Bears quilt

What makes this finished blanket notable is that I not only finished it, I did all of the stitching on it. These days, I'm mostly finishing blankets that someone else started.

The pre-printed quilt panel, batting and backing fabric were in a bag of give-away fabric that a friend, Jesse, brought to a quilt retreat last September. This and a few pieces of fabric came home with me for Project Linus blankets.

I put the layers together pillowcase-style in mid-October and started quilting. A few days later I became a Project Linus coordinator and this cute blanket went to the bottom of my to-do pile. It would probably still be there except the Greater KC Project Linus chapter divided into 2 smaller chapters 5 weeks ago.

With my smaller PL chapter, I'm no longer picking up blankets in Kansas. For now, all incoming blankets wind up in the hands of my able assistant, Louise, and she does the quality control and blanket labeling. This allowed me to get to the bottom of my stack of blankets needing more quilting. Not that I'm caught up on everything else yet. Is anyone ever caught up on everything? Sounds boring.

It was thrill to finally finish this blanket this morning, about 6 months after starting it. I did a little happy dance.

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